Our newest live home inspection CE course developed and taught
by highly rated ICA instructors Floyd & Sandra Gibbs

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History of Homes classes

Live the eras of home building together. Come spend a fun and interactive day with instructors Floyd & Sandra Gibbs, and gain useful knowledge that will greatly benefit you and your business!

“This course is fantastic, and Floyd & Sandra deliver it with such energy and passion. Students will get a full picture of how homes were built in a very unique and entertaining way.”  – Clint Laney

Take this course because you want to, not because you have to. This one-day class provides amazing insight into how America grew from living in animal hide teepees in the 1600s, to the modern homes of today. Learn the progression of materials and labor along with why they changed.

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History of Homes
Upcoming Live Class Dates


Location Class Dates


Fayetteville, AR September 29, 2023
8AM - 5PM


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Fayetteville, AR October 8, 2023
8AM - 5PM


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Little Rock, AR November 10, 2023
8AM - 5PM


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Little Rock, AR November 19, 2023
8AM - 5PM


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History of Homes Upcoming Live Class Dates


Charlotte, NC
June 10, 2023 8AM - 5PM
June 11, 2023 8AM - Noon
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Asheville, NC
June 16, 2023 1PM - 5PM
June 17, 2023 8AM - 5PM
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Raleigh, NC
July 8, 2023 8AM - 5PM
July 9, 2023 8AM - Noon
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Charlotte, NC
August 12, 2023 8AM - 5PM
August 13, 2023 8AM - Noon
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This is a NEW 8 Hour Elective Course taught by instructor Floyd Gibbs:

History of Homes 1600’s through Modern Times Part 1 – 4 hours (Approval CEC742)
History of Homes 1600’s through Modern Times Part 2 – 4 hours (Approval CEC743)

If you are currently a home inspector, the 8-hour History of Homes course provides you with your 2023 required NC elective CE credits. On an adjacent day, we also provide the 4-hour update course to complete your requirements. Both days are included with your tuition.

Student Voices

"I Just completed Floyd and Sandra's History of Homes class. This was amazing knowledge that every inspector should have to help inspect aged homes. Floyd and Sandra's teaching technique brings such passion and knowledge to the point where you want to learn. They have an extensive collection of materials found in homes that gives the inspector more than pictures to reference. I appreciate the knowledge and their passion to present an amazing class but also their want to ensure inspectors succeed!!!" --Robert S

"As a previous business owner, I owe my success to having the best training in the custom closet industry. I know how important great training is, and this course nailed it! Floyd and Sandra Gibbs did an outstanding job making it easy for me to understand the history of homes, including design, construction and materials used. I feel very confident I will be successful in my new home inspection business! Thank you!" -- Shawn L.
"Definitely the best continuing education class I have taken so far led by Floyd and Sandra Gibbs. I learned a lot from their History of Homes course it was amazing!" -- Bobby C.

"I can honestly say I have never taken a class where time flew by so fast. Floyd and Sandra have created a fun learning experience, as well as a in-depth tour of how homes and systems have progressed through the years. As inspectors, many of the homes we see are older and the systems/components we are taught now are particularly pointed towards newer homes. With his class in my tool bag, I am ready to take on any early 1900s/late 1800s home. Highly recommended." --Zeke S.

"I am not usually one to do online reviews or comments, but this class was truly worth my time to do so! I took the history of homes class with Floyd and Sandra Gibbs and have nothing but positive memories. They presented useful information about common building materials from different eras and had many of the actual items that you can see, touch and smell. No boring lectures or PowerPoint overload, just great information, discussion, and dialog presented in a fun and informative manner." -- Michael D.

"I really enjoyed this past weekend with Floyd and Sandra. Floyd and Sandra created such a positive, loving, learning, fun environment. I was really blown out by their personalities. You can feel, tell, and prove that they care that you understand what they are teaching. And I did get all they were teaching during this 12-hour course. The 8-hour US House building history has blown my mind too. So informative but Floyd and Sandra were able to teach it as a story. That's a a great teaching skill." -- Mohamed N.

"This course was amazing. I came in thinking I would learn a few things and left knowing a book worth of information. I have taken multiple lCA courses with Floyd Gibbs and Sandra. Every time they exceed my expectations with how they present their information. They bring in many of the old tools and materials from the era we were talking about and even dressed the part. I definitely recommend taking history of homes course." -- Shannon Fisher

More Student Voices

See what our past students think about ICA's home inspection training.

ica-five-stars-reviewAwesome Course, Amazing Instruction

Floyd and Sandra made the experience of learning a joy. I came in expecting a boring 10 days of slides, and I left with the confidence to tackle a new career choice, a family, and a network of friends.

Remy M.


I normally don't write reviews, but I just wanted to say that this class is by far the best class that I ever had.

Al L.

ica-five-stars-reviewBest of the Best

This course exceeded my expectations. They made it fun, informative and interesting and that is not an easy thing to do considering the context of the class. I went into the class not knowing anyone and left with new family members.

James M.

ica-five-stars-reviewWalking inside a home will never be the same
Absoulutely amazing how much you can learn in a week!

Markell N.

ica-five-stars-reviewWonderful Classroom Experience

10/10 would recommend this course if you’re thinking of becoming a certified home inspector.

Casey T.

ica-five-stars-reviewWill Never Forget This Experience

I came to ICA expecting to get my 80 hours and move on, however after going through the course with Floyd and Sandra I've come out of it with so much more! I feel competent and ready to complete a home inspection and pursue my career. Thank you both for the amazing experience and learning pathway!

Ryan L.

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